Working Groups and Informal Discussions

Please suggest working group ideas; participants are encouraged to set up working groups. (The coordinators can help with room, etc. logistics.)

Some initial ideas:


Please feel free to add your ideas here:

Working group sessions can be posted below (reverse chronological order):

Lectures on Holographic Spacetime, by Tom Banks
Lecture #1: Thursday April 16, 11am, Small Seminar Room
Lecture #2: Thursday May 7 at 10am, Small Seminar Room
Lecture #3:
Lecture #4: Friday May 29 at 1:45pm, Main Seminar Room

Observables, algebras, and subsystems
Thursday May 28, 3:40pm, Library

Black Hole Information working group
Thursday May 28, 9am, Tower Room

Observables and Infrared Issues in Cosmology working group
Thursday April 30, 330pm, Tower Room (aka the "fishbowl")

de Sitter working group
Thursday April 16, 330pm, Library